I’ve known Tim a long time and he gets it! He is a man whose sincerity and passion are seldom matched in the Christian business community.
I’ve had scores of people pray with me to receive Christ. Not one of them at church. Not only that, but for the most part, they weren’t planning on attending a church service anytime soon. These encounters have taken place in company parking lots, private offices, training centers, etc. That’s where the action is. That’s where the fish that haven’t been caught yet, are. Tim understands the business arena and how it interfaces with government and other areas of influence. He understands the role it is to play in the church and in the world. He knows the place of influence it can be for good and he lays it out in a scholarly but easy to understand way.
In his compelling style, he ties the spheres of church and business together in a way that will liberate, even inspire you. If you feel God’s call on your life, but it’s not in the pulpit, take heart! God may be inviting you to work directly in his field with those men and women desperately seeking the kingdom, but in all the wrong places. I urge you now to dive into these pages with Tim and get your life on a course that could change history, if not for the world, then certainly for you and those you will inevitably impact after following the sage wisdom in this book!
— Michael Q. Pink Author, Business Consultant, and Founder of the International Christian Business Institute

When I first read Tim Porter’s book I skimmed through the pages and nodded my head with agreement on many of the premises he makes and the mentors he so gratefully acknowledges. But I missed the essence of the journey and the struggles that brought him to the understanding he now has. In my second reading the lights went on! This is not a normal self-help book; this is an autobiography of a man seeking answers to the mysterious road to success as he sees it. As you read the discoveries that Tim has made it may stimulate you to seek your own pathway toward a lifetime of overcoming. “May GOD expand your life until your Destiny is fulfilled.”
— Dr. Peter J. Daniels (Founder) World Center Entrepreneur Studies Foundation

As a spiritual mentor in the marketplace I have had the privilege and honor to stand with Tim month after month as this book unfolded in his life. The passion born, lived and now in print, is a living love letter of Jesus for the marketplace. Chapter by chapter his heart reveals a point in Christian history in text book form of how the Marketplace Ministry has unfolded in our lifetime. Upon the finish of this book we suggested that Tim consider being ordained as a Marketplace Minister. Now as a forerunner of those who read this book, he is as much a minister in the church as he is in the marketplace. If you are ministering in the marketplace this is a foundational read.
— Charles T. “Rob” Robinson Founder, Executive Intercessors International Facilitator, Kingdom Business Association (MorningStar Ministries)

There are few people I meet who have three characteristics that work in harmony—humility, spiritual sensitivity, and business acumen. Tim has recently become a member of our Kingdom Business Association ordained leadership team, and I have the ability to interact with him more closely. The truths that he writes about are the pillars of a timely message. The integration of the Kingdom of God throughout the domains of every life, instead of being relegated to Sunday morning worship centers, is the key to transforming our world. From Main Street to Wall Street, from Hollywood to Capitol Hill, we are seeing true Christian leadership rise up. Tim is passionate about providing context for this movement.
— Dave Yarnes, President of the Kingdom Business Association and Vice President of MorningStar Ministries

This book explores what the kingdom should look like if we understand our role of ministry in the marketplace. It is a paradigm shift that’s necessary of the traditional meaning of the word ministry if we, as a body of believers, are going to set the stage for the largest revival in history. Without a doubt, the largest mission field is the marketplace. When the body of Christ begins to see themselves as the church sprinkled throughout all the earth in whatever part of the marketplace they find themselves, I believe a true revival will hit the world unlike anything ever seen before. Tim captures that in this book. Thank you Tim for giving us an outline to follow and a challenge to except for all of us in businesstry.
— David Harris / CEO & Founder Uncorked Health & Wellness

Tim has done the homework for us all in God’s Business Revolution assembling a powerful body of knowledge that speaks to God’s view of business, how we are all ‘in business’ and why it matters in the kingdom. How I wish I’d had such a tool in my early days starting out in business. This resource will give those who read it a grid for what God is breathing on the earth today in the marketplace and how business men and women are smack dab in the middle of God’s plans. It’s time to heal the schism in society that cripples Christians from seeing their work for what it is meant to be - a divine appointment every day bringing plans of God to the earth.

May you be empowered as you read Tim’s book, add your own experiences, do your own homework, and live life empowered to do business with God.
— Linda Fields, Author, Leadership Coach, Founder 7M-pact