Christian.  First and foremost Tim is a Christian. Some have referred to him as a prophetic teacher or someone with an apostolic vision; either of which could be a fairly accurate description.  He doesn’t consider himself any of those by title but he does operate in the five-fold gifts. As Christians, we are each given a measure of each of the five-fold gifts.  One can prophesy and not be called a prophet; one can be sent as a messenger but not be called an apostle. Tim’s ministry carries a prophetic and apostolic teaching message to repair the breach between business and the church.

Meridian Ministry was founded to minister to the ecclesia and to equip business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs for the cause of Christ.  His gifting and training uniquely qualify him for exactly that cause.  Tim has his Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and is trained as a Business Financial Consultant.  He is a graduate of Dr. Peter J. Daniels’ Gabriel Call and Destiny of the Third Millennium business programs. Tim was an inaugural member of Michael Q. Pink’s International Christian Business Institute and trained in Dr. Lance Wallnau’s Destiny Dashboard business consulting. Tim has started business ministries to assist business owners and leaders in financial, operational, and spiritual development and would like to help launch even more. He is an ordained marketplace minister and has 25 years of business management and sales experience.