Christians have lost the luxury of voting.  Christians have lost the right to vote for their candidate of choice.  They have lost the right to vote for a social conservative or maybe even a constitutional conservative.

The United States was founded on principles of freedom that were fought for, in war, by Christians.  Religious liberty was a core value that war was waged for.   Sure, not everyone who fought was a Christian, but everyone who fought was fighting against oppression; fighting to the death, literally.

So why have Christians lost the luxury of voting?  They lost the will to fight.

Somewhere over the last few generations, Christians have relegated themselves to church on Sunday, especially evangelicals.   Somehow, they thought five-fold ministries were most effective in four-walled buildings.

We could examine that this possibly paralleled the industrial revolution, which caused the decline of our agricultural society and apprenticeship values.  This in turn saw family and business values not being passed along as part of the work day.  The industrial revolution also promoted the rise of employees, employee benefits and employees relying on their employers.  When employers failed, the government became the choice to rely on.  In this, Christians forgot to rely on God. The industrial revolution brought a bar on every corner and a church on every other corner.  The lifestyle of provision through employer created ease in every area of life.  Suburbs fertilized complacency.


Regardless of how, Christians have become complacent.  It can be argued that Christians led the charge for freedom during the American Revolution.  Christians have also led the charge into complacency that plagues America today where neither the neighborhood bar nor the neighborhood church exists.

How do we know Christians are complacent?  Their values ring on deaf ears. There is one huge deciding piece of evidence that proves Christians are complacent.  They have made their God impotent. In fact, Christians have become irrelevant.  Their beliefs are ruled against in courts of law.  By definition, the God of the Christian faith is anything but impotent; he is actually, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.  So who has relegated the omnipotent to impotent?  The Christian.  If Christians actually believed their God had any power, they and their beliefs would not be irrelevant. In their complacency, they have voted out their own freedom (or didn’t vote).  Piety produced sideline Christians. Christians not involved in government, the arts, education, business or media.  Oh, they have their own versions of those, just like they have their ministries in their own four walls. Their influence has waned to practical nonexistence.  Christians were some who picked up arms and fought to death during the revolution.  The same have retreated to their four-walled safety zones away from the carnal horribleness of the world.  Their God has left them to their own devices. (Rom 1)  They have failed to sustain their culture.

You hear them on Hannity touting characters like Huckabee and Carson.   They are so irrelevant their votes no longer count.  They sit back and vote in luxury but have lost the luxury to vote.  If they were relevant, Presidents Huckabee and Carson would each be re-elected.   Christians are so irrelevant, the freedoms their ancestors have fought for have eroded to nothingness.  They are attempting to legislate morality from a place of weakness.  They don’t even recognize the political serf system created in the United States.  They even vote for and promote candidates that perpetuate the serf system (Cruz) and create a greater reliance on the government instead of God (Obama, Sanders, Clinton).

Christians have to fight to get their freedom and power back before they can have the luxury to vote.

Perpetuating a serf system their ancestors fled from by electing political cronies who support a unified North American government only drives them further into government slavery.

Christians must gain their relevancy by proving the power of their God at a grass roots level.  If they don’t first save the country from political tyranny, they may not even have the freedom to worship their God.  Christians are under attack.  Islam and counter cultures have weaved their way into society and Christians sit back and talk about how “love wins.”  If one is unable to operate a business according to one’s beliefs, you are irrelevant.  If one wants to love your enemy to the point of letting them overrun the country, you are nonexistent, dead that is, because they want to kill you.

Christians, your four-walled behavior can benefit you if applied correctly.  You have to save the country in order to have a place to actually be a Christian.  First, the United States needs to be a safe place to both practice your beliefs and to actually remain alive.  You need boundaries to make a safe and focused battlefield.  You need to stop the bleeding.  The overrunning by those wishing to kill you and the political elite wishing to destroy you must be stopped.  There is one candidate that will accomplish this: Donald Trump.  The namby-pamby Christians don’t like his tone, his attitude or his business shrewdness.   But alas, Christians have lost the luxury to vote.  Defeating Hitler required the uncouth, fowl-mouthed, cigar-smoking Sir Winston Churchill. Defeating political serfdom and radical Islam requires someone with an edge to them. Oh, and God prefers shrewd.  Matthew says that the children of the shrewd are more capable of dealing with the world around them than the children of light. (Matt 16)  Go figure.

Once you preserve your country, then you are free to fight for your beliefs.  If your God is so powerful, you should be able to sway an audience of anyone. In fact, if your God is so powerful, you don’t need to legislate morality.  Your lifestyle should exhibit his power in such a way that the the moral high ground you claim to exemplify is indeed high ground.  Instead, you have positioned yourself as defeated, irrelevant and pious.  Fighting for your morality is requires a platform to fight from and unless you have the platform, the safe place to practice your beliefs, it doesn’t matter.

If as a Christian one believes freedom would assist the cause in the United States, one must first save the country.  Stand up to political serfdom tyranny and stand up to those who wish to literally kill and destroy.  It is passed the time to legislate morality or elect a pastor-type to the presidency.  Christians have lost that luxury.  It is now as simple as saving the soil one walks on from oppression.  Create a fighting chance by creating a safe place to fight.

Then again, complacent Christians aren’t about fighting for their beliefs.  They are about exercising their right to vote effectively letting their government do it for them.  News flash: the government can’t love like a Christian is supposed to. Regardless, their vote has become irrelevant, complacency has foiled that luxury.

Ironically, If Christians actually believed their God had power, they would be unstoppable. (2 Tim 2)

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