GBR Consulting


Meridian Ministry, LLC (God’s Business Revolution) was founded by Tim Porter so that business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs may thrive both spiritually and in business.

In an ongoing effort to support this cause, Tim consults with business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals on a case by case basis.

The core values of this consulting reflect biblical standards for business.

  • Get Out of Debt

  • Create Operational Efficiencies

  • Generate Financial Positives for Generational Influence

One should be a lender, not a borrower, even to themselves.  We were created to multiply our efforts, efficiently and exponentially. Business ownership and financial stewardship should effect generations.

For example: What if someone could show you how to get out of debt in 9 years or less, including your mortgage and business debt, without spending any additional money than you are spending right now? We utilize the methods found on our Financial Secrets page, among others.

God’s seems to have an economic agenda that applies to business: Wealth for Good, Transfer of Wealth, and Witness to the Nations.
— taken from God's Business Revolution

For expanded teaching in these areas please review our blog and podcast areas.

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