“With the steady decline in people going to church, it’s more important than ever to think through your online strategy and focus on reaching unchurched people. We’ve proven it works. But as technology is changing like never before, the question becomes: Are you adapting to this change? Let’s find out together.”

Church Digital Advertising

Church Website SEO

Church Communications Consulting



Providing a Church Business Directory is an elegant and pertinent way to connect both members and non-members to businesses who chose to operate under an Eligibility Covenant and Christian business principles. Regardless of church size, there are always business owners within the church sharing the light of Christ as they conduct their operations. Connecting others to these services allows businesses to thrive, while providing quality services to a greater market. It also gives customers and clients access to businesses they may not have otherwise been aware of. These reciprocal expanding connections show good stewardship of resources, both within and outside of the church.


Launching a Church Business Directory connects church leadership with business leaders in the congregation, and also provides opportunities to engage with them. It has a direct, positive impact on tithing when business owners experience support and encouragement from their church as they exercise their corporate gifting, and as their businesses expand through greater exposure.


The Worldview Course and The PEERS Test

Change your thinking. Change the world.

The Worldview Course will teach you to apply Scripture in everyday life—the Bible in work boots! In thirteen short weeks, Mark and James (aka The Worldview Guys) will “challenge your assumptions, nullify your excuses and compel you to action” in a fun and slightly irreverent way.

Work, taxes, education, debt, voting, marriage: The Worldview Course deals head-on with real-world issues and offers real-world solutions, straight from the Bible. Bring your world into focus.

The PEERS Test, created by Dan Smithwick from Nehemiah Institute, is the first and only scientifically-vetted assessment to measure biblical worldview. The insight from taking the PEERS Test is so meaningful that we partnered with Nehemiah Institute to include PEERS with every copy of The Worldview Course.

PEERS measures thinking in five key areas: Politics, Economics, Education, Religion and Social Issues (hence the acronym). Despite the potentially controversial nature of some of the subject matter, PEERS is not affiliated with any particular Christian tradition and actually allows for differences of opinion within the bounds of scripture. PEERS is more like an eye-exam than a test you’d take in school. You can’t fail! Instead, just like an eye chart at the doctor’s office, the goal isn’t to beat the test, but to identify where there’s room for improvement.

PEERS is about bringing all of life into focus through the objective standard of God’s word.


Destiny of the 3rd Millennium

As a personal tutorial Destiny has no equal, and has been applauded globally for it's practicality and results in the fields of entrepreneurship, personal development, and leadership.

During the 10 hours of instruction in DVD and CD format you will discover the principles of time management, economic security, goal setting, will power, crisis management, directional thinking, how to lead, ideas that make money, motivational permanence, decision making, how to create a heritage, how to handle stress, how to create and control a board of directors, how to build a mission statement that works, how to discover your sense of destiny and much more.

The information contained in this program is clearly understandable and immediately usable.


For the first time ever, Lance Wallnau hosted a webinar explaining in detail the coaching tools and secrets He’s applied with penetrating and powerful effect for over a decade! It’s the perfect message. He shares step by step how to fly above the chaos (that other people get stuck in) and show you his stealth secret Jet….my Destiny Dashboard! This is a tool that compiles his top 20 time tested instruments that “wow” audiences and clients.

Here are just a few of the topics you will gain insight into: 

  • Discovering Your Signature Sound
  • Cracking the Convergence Code
  • How to Live in the Convergence Zone
  • Discovering Your DiSC® Style and Understanding Other Styles
  • Building More Effective Relationships
  • Level 10/10 Living
  • Passion Process
  • How to Monetize Your Passion
  • Wheel of Life
  • Who Are You in the Bible? 

International Christian Business Institute

To help you succeed in the marketplace while strengthening your walk with God. This is a fully integrated approach where faith and works collide to produce remarkable results and where God gets the glory. It is our intention to raise up Godly entrepreneurs and revenue generators who will be intentional about leveraging their spoils to advance God’s kingdom.

We will accomplish this by teaching you how to apply Biblical truth and natural laws to the business process. Just like Solomon, we can learn much by studying the way God does things, how they operate and the systems that make them flourish, despite the obstacles they often encounter. We will use the Bible as our printed textbook for obtaining wisdom and knowledge, and the natural world as God’s illustrated textbook for gaining understanding.

The course materials presented here are largely focused on the revenue generation side of business. I will not be teaching cash flow management, accounting or HR related topics, though I may from time to time invite experts in to speak to those topics.

Revenue Generation is:

  1. Idea Transformation: The process of transforming a worthy idea into a profitable revenue stream
  2. Marketing: How to get noticed and taken seriously in a world of flash and hype
  3. Sales: How to close way more sales doing business God’s way. (Includes over 100 sales related Bible studies)

You Can Expect to Learn…

  1. How the creation of the world according to Genesis is a business model for setting up structure and bringing order out of chaos.
  2. How the Tabernacle of Moses is a business model for personal development and leadership
  3. How the process of turning a seed into a tree is an incredible model for teaching the systems, structure and flow of resources for any startup company that wants to flourish like a tree
  4. How the rainforest teaches incredible lessons for adaptation that any business can apply and experience great productivity and abundance despite having minimal capital.
  5. How the book of Proverbs offers incredible insights into the management of people and things.
  6. How to make a powerful presentation to a hostile audience and secure a favorable outcome based on Acts 2
  7. How the communication skills that Jesus demonstrated can be applied easily in today’s business environment.
  8. How to close more sales by asking more questions
  9. How anyone can achieve success by tapping into their fallow ground.
  10. How the right “actions”,(physical activities) can produce a 30-fold return, the right “ways” (aligning your mind with the mind of Christ while faithfully executing the right activities) can produce a 60-fold return and the right “heart” (fully persuaded heart) can produce the 100-fold return.

7M-pact is a community of men and women FROM ALL SPHERES OF SOCIETY who are changing the atmosphere through building:

  • excellent leadership
  • focused vision
  • strategic relationships to transform our world


Hone your spiritual hearing & discernment to navigate life and decisions on a higher plane.


Sharpen your skills: focus vision, manage time, overcome obstacles, communicate compelling messages, build teams, align resources, and build your leadership.


Create your own strategic plan to become transformed and bring transformation your world.

God is not limited to a pulpit, but where is the tangible evidence of a supernatural God with you every day in your work?
— Andy Mason


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We want to meet you face-to-face. Check out EVENTS  for upcoming conferences, workshops and executive retreats all over the world. Personally experience an atmosphere of the Presence of God where you hear teaching and case studies and be activated to apply this to your daily work.


Nothing is better than a small group of like-minded people intentionally meeting together to grow and change the world. Check out our LOCAL activity in Redding, CA and consider what you could do in your own community.


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The Kingdom Business Association (KBA) is a premier international association of Christian, “Kingdom-minded” business owners and marketplace leaders. Our focus is building relationships with like-minded believers in the marketplace, provide teaching, prophetic insight, and resources to advance the Kingdom of God in the business world.